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Raiding Rules
The short version. You must read and agree to this.

We want to keep these as simple as possible.

  • Know your class.
  • Know your role.
  • Be polite.
  • Don't be a loot whore.
  • Be respectful to others.
  • Help others and offer suggestions in a positive way.
  • We would like the word "read" to be mentioned on your application when asked for the two words required.
  • If you cannot attend, please let us know.
  • If you sign up for a raid, attend.
  • Leave your ego behind when joining the raid group. It is a team effort and we have no place for those who think otherwise.

So, play fair, be fair and respectful, and all will be fine 😀

If you plan to leave the raid group, please give advance warning. You will not automatically be benched or have loot priority withdrawn (though we would hope that you would be reasonable). It makes finding a replacement much easier and shows consideration of the other players that have invested time in raiding with the group.

The long version - We will be impressed if you read this!

We are not hard-core raiders but we do expect people to work as a team to their best ability. We all make mistakes and understand this. The important thing is to realise what we are doing wrong and fix it.

Accepting a raid slot means that you are answerable to 9 or more other players. You will surely realise that their time is as important as yours so will understand why we have to set some rules.

As with the guild rules, most of this is just common-sense. Please have a read and make sure that you understand before signing for raids. If applying to the guild, you will want to read these rules carefully as your English comprehension and ability to follow instructions is being checked..... you have been warned. :)

  • We require you to have Deadly Boss Mods and EPGP installed when raiding. Please always ensure that you have up-to-date versions installed.
  • You must be online on Mumble when raiding. Whilst we do not expect you to speak, we do expect you to listen. Not being online on Mumble is treated the same as not attending the raid and you may be removed from the raid group.
  • Make sure that your gear (for both main and offspec) is enchanted and gemmed (where applicable) to ensure that the basic stat requirements for raiding are met. If unsure, please ask.
  • Bring the appropriate buff food, flasks and runes and make sure you have enough to allow for wipes and a three-hour raid.
  • If you are unsure about tactics or are worried about your own performance for some reason, please say. None of us want to repeatedly wipe and if we are not progressing in an encounter, we will not force the issue. It will be saved for another raid night when people are fresher and performing better.
  • Please be online 20 minutes before the raid starts and move to the instance as soon as you are invited, which will be no later than 10 minutes before the raid starts. Do not expect a summon. However, if for some reason you cannot make your own way, tell the raid leader when invited. When summoned, accept it straight away.
  • If you know that you cannot attend the next raid, please advise the raid leader before the end of the previous raid. Even better, please make sure that you post your unavailability in the relevant forum thread. If you can find an in-guild replacement who is geared enough and able to attend instead of you, please arrange it.
  • If you plan on taking extended absence, please make sure that there is a stand-in available to take over your spot well in advance.
  • In situations where you cannot raid at short notice, please advise the raid leader by in-game mail or a private message on the forums. Using the shout box is the least preferred method as your post may not be seen.
  • Do not leave the raid early unless you have a guild replacement to stand in for you.
  • To raid with us you should have a predominantly stable internet connection and a computer capable of rendering all important encounter graphics. If you know that your connection is unreliable, please do not sign for raids. Going offline once due to a connection fault is understandable. If it happens too often, we will not accept you signing for a raid until you can demonstrate that the connection reliability has improved.
  • We will have regular breaks during raids so please try to avoid taking additional ones unless absolutely vital.
  • Keep feelings of irritation, annoyance in the event of wipes to yourself. We all have them but sharing them in a negative way just affects the raiding atmosphere. We are playing the game to enjoy it and should always remember that.