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Guild Rules
As a guild, Nefarious has a few simple objectives. Firstly, we want to achieve rapid raid progression in normal mode initially, quickly progressing to heroic content. Secondly we are a guild that is run for the members and with their interests in mind.

We ask prospective members to fill out an application form so that we can find out a little about them before they join. We feel that those people not prepared to take a little time introducing themselves to the rest of the group by way of an application probably are not best suited to the commitment we expect from our members. It also gives us a chance to check out your WoW character and to clear up any questions before you join us. We understand that it takes time to apply, so feel free to contact an officer or raid leader in-game for a quick chat first.

To a large degree, we would like to be self-maintaining, in that the officers and GM also want to enjoy their time in-game without having to micro-manage every last detail. With this in mind, here are a few simple rules that we should all follow. Most are just common sense so you will understand why we have asked people to follow them:

  • Be respectful of other players; not just those in the guild. This extends to remaining polite in the public chat channels, party chat or forums. Please do not argue or insult people in a personal way. It is OK to tell someone that they are not performing well, for example, but do it politely without bringing their mother into the discussion.
  • Do not "ninja" loot or actively try to annoy players by looting items that they need but you do not.
  • Scamming other players is unacceptable and will result in removal from the guild.
  • If you say you will do something, please do it without excuses. If you don't want to do something, make it clear and then people are not let down.
  • Remember that all ages, genders, nationalities play WoW and we do not require people to disclose any of this information to the group. Please refrain from sexist, racist or any other offensive chat in the guild chat channel.
  • To check you have read these rules, you need to mention the word "rules" in your application.
  • The official guild language, like the realm, is English and all guild chat should be in English. Please remember that English is not everyone's first language so allow for the occasional misunderstanding and remain polite.
  • Please resist the urge to chat about overly personal matters in guild chat. Whilst it is important to you, not everyone else will feel that way so reserve it for when chatting with friends in private.
  • Do not discuss buying and selling an item you have in the guild chat channel. We expect guild members to help each other out. If you are offering something for free, fine. If not, please sell it using the trade channel.
  • Do not ask to borrow gold for any reason if you do not know the person very well and most certainly do not make such requests in guild chat or in the general channels.
  • Ask in guild chat if you need help with something, but don't expect people to be available.
  • Ignore the above request. We don't want you to write "rules". Use "understood" instead.
  • Do your best to help other guild members when you have the spare time. We do want to encourage helping each other out.
  • In short, treat other players as you would like to be treated and avoid doing anything that a reasonable player would frown upon.

We consider ourselves a guild of 'mains'. By this we mean that the character that you play the most must be in Nefarious to qualify your alt characters also receiving an invite and remaining in the guild. If you choose to leave the guild on your main character, we reserve the right to (and will most probably) remove your alts. Please also consider that if you leave the guild, we are under no obligation to offer you a re-invite and it is quite possible that you won't receive one.

Joining the guild indicates that you accept these rules. If we receive screen shot evidence indicating that you have decided not to follow them, you may be removed from the guild without warning (for the more serious unacceptable behaviour, such as being abusive, ninja looting, scamming etc).

If you have friends who wish to join us, please ask them to whisper an officer and we will be pleased to take them on your recommendation. They will be expected to fill out an application before they can be accepted. Ask them to mention your name when applying so that we know that they are your friend.